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Lux Magazine (short for Luxury) is a free, premiere online women’s lifestyle magazine that covers what’s hot, what’s new, and what’s next. We are the online authority for all things food, fashion and fun. As the ultimate woman’s lifestyle resource,  Lux reaches women of all ages, while delivering daily communication and a fresh point of view to thousands of subscribers and followers. Lux offers national coverage with local flavor. We speak to women across all genres, in all aspects of their lives, from shopping and deals to food, style, relationships, life and inspirational stories from around the globe.

Readers are treated to exclusive interviews, free product giveaways, and more. We strive to inspire & create a more peaceful, sustainable world. We count ourselves as progressive, forward thinkers.

Lux magazine isn’t a corporation. We are a community of independent writers, artists and career professionals who live all around the globe. We support each other and strive to offer the highest quality content we can give you. Our goal is to enlighten, encourage, make you laugh, save you money, live healthy & fit, eat fabulous foods & keep your finger on the pulse of pop culture. We are happy to work with writers and advocates. We are open to great non fiction stories & ideas. We love creative souls, progressive thinkers, investors and advertisers who are interested in sharing this journey with us. We publish fresh content almost daily, so stay tuned. We can be contacted at: LuxMagazine@yahoo.com or (727) 400-9809. Subscribe & Socialize. Stalk us on Facebook: MyLuxMagazine

Let Us Introduce Ourselves. We Seldom Bite.

Robb Rhone~ Pop Culture/The Arts

He wants to entertain you and yes, he wants to make you smile. A freelance writer, he likes all things POP!  Pop Stars, Pop Tarts, His Pops, Soda Pop, Jiffy Pop and, of course, Pop Culture! He currently resides in Xanadu with his beloved dog, Pixie and the ghost of Dr. Seuss. There, he pretends to be an adult while waiting for Peter Pan to finally come and collect him. Until then, he shares his sense of fantastic with YOU in Lux. He also writes as the duo  “Fandemonium” with our other Pop Culture Guru~ in their celeb Questionnaire Segments entitled “Tell Me Something Good”

Kimberly Cass~ Lux Founder/Publisher/Creative Director/Editor-in-chief 

Kim is our spunky Lux Founder. She’s an experienced writer for Examiner, Suite 101 and Lux Magazine. She’s had her articles published in multiple magazines, most recently Boss Magazine. She also works for a large, Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper. She’s an artist, a foodie, a photographer, and a slightly neurotic student of life. Not many things surprise her. She’s been featured in online magazines such as Chic Galleria and numerous articles for her upbeat ideas and popular internet presence. She inherently knows that readers are looking for happiness, empowerment, and ways to make their lives the best they can be. A Detroit native, she now resides on the white, sandy beaches of sunny Florida’s west coast. Stay tuned, she has fantastic things coming your way!

Henry Branham Jr.~ Pop Culture/The Arts

Known to us as “Hank”, he is a seasoned pop culture enthusiast who has OD’d on nostalgia far too many times.  He has seen “Star Wars”, “Grease”, and “Hairspray” more than 100 times each, worships CHER ALMIGHTY, and has had a 30 year plus crush on Deborah Harry of Blondie.  He is the author of Charlie’s Angels Forever which is now being sold as a e-book on Amazon.com and is the Publisher/Founder of Atomic Digest Magazine. He also writes as the duo  “Fandemonium” with our other Pop Culture Guru Robb ~ in their celeb Questionnaire Segments entitled “Tell Me Something Good” Ask him anything Pop Culture related and he WILL know the answer- yes, that sort of scares us too.

Author Hanna Elizabeth ~ Mind, Body & Spirit

If Hanna Elizabeth doesn’t have her nose in a book, then she’s probably pondering life’s more serious questions. As a freelance writer, she asks herself questions like, is the answer to the meaning of life really 42? Is time really relative? And why does her dog Sierra, like to smell other dog’s poo?  A health nut (and proud of it, thank you very much) she enjoys adventuring into the unknowns of cooking with local organics and has recently taken on the challenge of baking breads from scratch. An avid nature lover, she loves taking long strolls in the midnight air, mediating by moonlight and sharing her insights with YOU in LUX! She’ll also dip her toe in a couple of our other columns from time to time, as she has thoughts to share on various topics

Lisa Burns~ Backyard Getaway

Lisa Burns, Co-owner of Backyard Getaway, a local pond & water garden service & retail business, has had articles published in RFD-TV Magazine, LS1 Magazine, Sarasota Pet Magazine & on various online sites including WQMAG.com, skirt.com, examiner.com & as a featured writer for myinfosnap.com. Backyard Getaway’s water features have been spotlighted twice in the designer showcases in Water Garden News & Water Gardening Magazine. Lisa’s interest in water gardening started 15 years ago as a hobby that grew into a passion. Visit her website at: www.backyardgetaway.net

Terry Foster- VP of Marketing & PR 

Aside from being a marketing guru and owner of a successful V.A. (Virtual Assistant) Company, TerryFoster-Virtual Assistant.com. Terry is also an experienced clothing designer and artist who’s worked professionally from LA to FL.  She treats us to her take on fashion, the arts, recipes and being a one-woman entrepreneur in today’s day and age. Terry is also available to discuss our media kit & advertising: madelineandfrancine@yahoo.com. Her V.A. page: www.facebook.com Her profile photo courtesy of: lyonsart.com

Brandie Younce- Contributing Writer

As an Executive Assistant I’m a little obsessed with creative problem solving, effective preparation and organization- but I know the importance of balancing the little picture with the big and laughing at it all. Apparently I’m a free spirit. I guess I’m all over the place…literally and figuratively (ha!)…I’m a world traveler and dable in decorating. Growing up as a competitive figure skater and dancer had me waxing philosophical at an early age. Always into the spiritual and supernatural, animals and the environment. I like to teach what I’m learning.

Lux Fitness Chick – Christina Ward

Having been in the fitness arena since as long as she can remember, fitness and well-being are a not a profession to Christina, but rather a way of life.  You name it, she’s done it, taught it, performed it. From gymnastics, sports, dance and fitness, to kids sports/activities, and more. As a personal trainer and founder of Prevention on the Go & Sweet Motivation, Christina has a strong desire to help you and others develop consistent healthy habits that will result in a healthy and happy life!


Professional Chef Richard Wilson~ Food & Travel Column

He lives to cook and cooks to live. Chef Richard Wilson trained at the Florida Culinary Institute and teaches popular cooking classes. Here, he will share with us some of his delicious and healthy recipes that are easy for us to make at home. He even answers your most puzzling cooking questions: chefrichardwilson@gmail.com

Mo Ogilvie ~ Inspiring People

Mo is a Professional Photographer, specializing in Weddings, Events, Fashion and Portraits. Her mission is -“Capturing the Essence ” She gets a real thrill out of capturing the moment so it can be re-lived with a sense of joy and arouse fond memories. Her website: www.Mo2vatedMedia.com

“Like” us on Facebook (yes, see that column on the right?) and Subscribe (it’s free!) We promise not to spam you. If you’d like to be featured in our publication, or for advertising info, email Kim Cass at: LuxMagazine@yahoo.com. 

Lux Writing Submission Guidelines:

The nitty gritty details are under our  “Guest Write for Lux” category. Head on over there and make yourself familiar. We’ll meet you there.

Contact: LuxMagazine@yahoo.com

5 thoughts on “Who We Are/ Contact”

  1. Gretchen- NYC said:

    we discovered your magazine a few months ago and LOVE it! the articles are fresh and funny and uplifting! a nice change. we love the “look” of it as well and appreciate the comments/feedback and suggestions for living better, healthier and happier. love your writers! keep up the good work!

  2. I also write for the EXAMINER online magazine in the organic beauty section.

    Jennifer Andrews

  3. Hi, I am a local in St Petersburg and a professional hair/makeup artist. I can help work any events for shoots or special events. Please keep my name on file:) Thanks, love the site here!
    Jennifer Andrews @ jenniferandrewsdesigns.com

  4. Proud to be a member of the community!

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