Growth for a New Year ~ Follow Us to our Newly Upgraded LUX Site!

With the upcoming new year, 2012 is hot on our heels! We are excited to announce our shiny, new Lux Magazine website! Our wee little grassroots magazine has taken off and grown like a weed, thanks to the wonderful love and support of our readers, followers, investors and advertisers. We thank you for believing in us.

Our newly upgraded magazine site offers beautiful graphics, wonderful advertising opportunities, tons of free gifts, an events calendar starting in 2012, video workshops and expert guest writers and chefs. We offer supportive dialog & interaction with our readers because we love them.

We’ll also be putting out our 2012  collaborative cookbook (written by chefs, readers and you!) The Kitchen Diaries in the Spring/Summer 2012. Our website for the Kitchen Diaries: Join the Diary convo Facebook: KitchenDiaries

We look forward to new friendships and our growing Lux family. We count ourselves as progressive, forward thinkers and we’ll remain a free, premiere online women’s lifestyle magazine that covers what’s hot, what’s new, and what’s next. Our new Spotlight advertising section offers weekly feature articles on businesses to showcase themselves, their message and their product.

We’ll continue to offer national coverage with local flavor. We speak to women across all genres and cover topics from shopping and deals to food, style, relationships, and inspirational stories from around the globe. As always, Lux will strive to support women in all aspects of their lives.

We consider ourselves an online authority for all things food, fashion and fun. As the ultimate woman’s lifestyle resource,  Lux delivers daily communication and a fresh point of view to thousands of subscribers and followers.  All of our old articles,  photos and stories have migrated over to the new site, so nothing was lost ~not to worry!

But alas, we don’t do it alone. A very special thanks to our V.A. company, owned by Terry Foster, for her expert online marketing.

Their site is:

Special thanks to Barry Craft and Kristin Craft at YourMarketingCrew:, the best darn web designers ever. Did you think we’d stalk you forever? Well, we just may…

Thanks to Lisa Burns with Backyard Getaway, our resident green thumb, writer and friend. Check out her website:

Thanks to our affiliate company, The Home Owner’s Advocate, owned by the very classy Marcia Nease, at: and to one of our special writers, Hanna Elizabeth who’s been our constant cheerleader and rolls out a warm welcome for our new subscribers and writers any chance she gets. Your enthusiasm doesn’t go unnoticed and we thank you for it.

Thank you to all of our writers who have supported us, written excellent stories and cheered us on.  We are happy to have you on this journey with us. We are stepping into a bright future. (and doing so in high heels!)

Come on over to our new site & subscribe:

See you at the new site! We’ll meet you there with a glass of champagne!

Love & light,

Kim Cass,

Lux Publisher/CEO