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Give The Gift of Tranquility

Imagine sitting in your backyard, enjoying the relaxing sound of rippling water, or the simple tranquility of a Koi pond. There’s something ethereal  and beautiful about getting back to nature. These days, we live in a fast paced world and creating a tranquil space for your home is almost essential.

Did you know that water gardening is the fastest growing segment in the garden industry? Why not give the gift of tranquility to someone special this year or treat yourself to a getaway in your own backyard?  Whether you live up north, or down south in a warmer climate, Backyard Getaway shares their tips and advice on achieving a beautiful and tranquil pond in your own backyard! Backyard Getaway is a Florida water garden business, that grew from a hobby into a passion.

Over 15 yrs ago, Dave Burns caught the pond “bug” when he purchased his first pond kit. It didn’t take long before he was digging a second larger Koi pond & helping friends & family create their own backyard retreats. His wife, Lisa, was quick to join him, growing native aquatic plants & Water lilies. They decided to make it official & Backyard Getaway was born. 

Gifts for the pond lover on your list can range in price.

From a few dollars for a water thermometer, wheat germ based food, water treatments & pond netting to a few hundred dollars for a pond deicer, pond vacuum or a small pondless water feature. Other inexpensive items offered by Backyard Getaway for someone without a yard is a hand crafted tabletop fountain. All of these items and more are available on the website at www.backyardgetawaystore.com or visit www.backyardgetaway.net to learn more about Backyard Getaway’s services.

With a bit of research & some hard work you can create a beautiful water garden yourself!  It is important to ask yourself a few basic questions before you decide to do-it-yourself or hire a professional.

  • First, what style of water feature most appeals to you?
  • Next, location is important. A front yard would be fine for a pondless feature but may not be the best choice for a Koi pond. What size water feature would you like & what is your budget? Keep in mind that at least 50% of all pond owners upgrade at least twice, creating larger features.
  • Finally, is this something you want to tackle yourself or hire a professional to do?

 Pond Maintenance

But of course, no pond is maintenance free. A well-built pond with proper filtration, that is not overstocked or overfed may require 10-20 minutes of maintenance once a week, which still leaves you plenty of time for enjoying your pond. Backyard Getaway offers a monthly, quarterly & yearly pond maintenance service that includes a deep cleaning. Gift certificates are available for maintenance services if your loved one already has a pond. 

When choosing a pond installation company it is important to look at their portfolio and to talk to their customers. If you are installing your pond yourself, talk to the experts. Whomever you purchase your equipment from should be able to answer your question concerning your new pond.

Backyard Getaway offers the following tips for pond winter care:

  • If you have not done so by now you should clean your pond. Remove 50% of water, the decaying leaves & fish waste.
  • Switch to a wheat germ food once water temperature reaches 60 degrees. Stop feeding altogether when water temperature reaches 50 degrees.
  • In the south, add submerged plants to give the fish a place to graze and replace cool sensitive plants with cool weather plants and continue to add beneficial bacteria.  In the north remove your plants and over-winter in your garage or basement.
  • Remove fallen leaves from the pond as soon as possible. If you have a large tree over your pond, cover the pond with a leaf net.
  • In the south, perform pump maintenance. In the north, remove equipment you are not using like UV clarifiers.
  • Continue to clean your filters or back flush your systems as usual. You may not have to do this as often. Check your skimmer leaf net more frequently.
  • Test your pond as usual keeping an eye on the pH. The pH can drop with out notice especially in colder weather.  If the pH drops below 7.0 do a partial water change & raise the pH.
  • Northern ponds should keep a hole in the ice using an aerator or “pond deicer” to help remove the build up of gases & provide needed oxygen. Also, drain water from exterior piping & autofill to eliminate cracking or breaking of the pipes & check water levels especially if you leave the waterfalls running during the winter. Add water & dechlorinator as needed.
  • If you have turtles or tropical fish in your pond, you should add a submersible heater or move them inside until spring.
  • In the south, add lights to your pond so you can enjoy your pond in the evening. Get out your fire pit, light a fire, sit back & enjoy your pond in the cooler weather!

This year, no matter what climate you live in, give the gift of tranquility.

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photos courtesy of: Backyard Getaway

winter photos courtesy of:  C. Weise of Ecological Labs, Inc.