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Good Health is a Choice

How do you feel? Are you tired? Overweight? Is your body in balance or are you wondering how to get in balance and feel more energized in your life? We recently met with Nutritional Consultant, Andrea Lee to talk about her program that is designed to evaluate your body chemistry and get you back in optimum shape. Andrea does nutritional testing and counseling. “I help others in their struggle to keep up their health and educate the public on ways to eat healthy and get tested (only takes 20 minutes for results) for their nutritional deficiencies.”

For example, according to Nutritional Center & Labs website, the body cannot readily adapt itself to a calcium shortage, therefore a liberal amount of calcium is needed daily.  Calcium deficiency can be a definite problem in today’s diet.  

An important factor of nutritional therapy is regulating the digestive system. Protein and minerals must be  accepted in the body so that nutrients are not lost from the food that you eat.  We do an assessment to balance the acid/alkaline ph of the body.  Andrea performs pH analysis, thyroid testing, weight loss counseling, vitamin and mineral therapy and more. She helps her clients essentially balance their body chemistry using natural healing and alternative healthcare principals. Her practices are scientifically sound, safe, accurate and effective. She individualizes plans to improve health and renew the spirit. When your body is in balance and your digestion becomes stronger, your body will absorb more minerals and vitamins out of the food that you eat and you will require less and less supplements.

Andrea’s clients enjoy body detoxification and purification procedures. Her natural diet will cleanse, heal and rebuild your body.  She will tailor your experience based on the initial interview information, as well as feedback during the program, to ensure total satisfaction and to increase repeat business.

Andrea is also an expert on metabolism and the thyroid. Since the hormones of the thyroid gland regulate metabolism in every cell of the body, a deficiency of thyroid hormones is checked first because it can affect virtually all bodily functions.

Have you heard of the health benefits of probiotics? It is the healthy bacteria found in a human digestive tract. We need this healthy bacteria to aid our bodies in maintaining good health and to avoid complications experienced when the balance of bacteria in the body is upset. Stress resulting from nutritional causes like starvation diets, poor eating habits or eating disorders upsets the balance of good and bad bacteria. For pennies a day, Andrea can show you how to make your own probiotic.  Probiotics can play a role in reducing allergies, decreasing Helicobacter pylori colonization of the stomach, side effects of antibiotic therapy, managing relapse of some inflammatory bowel conditions, decreasing the risk of certain cancers, decreasing dental-caries-causing microbes in the mouth, and keeping healthy people healthy.

Andrea is happy to offer a 20% discount on her services to Lux readers, just let her know you found her in Lux! Here’s to having a healthy, happier body!

Nutritional Center & Labs: http://www.nclhealth.com/

Nutritional Consultant Andrea Lee

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