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The Cure-“Reflections”  in New York City, Concert Review

by: Concertchick Cindy Rosenblum

The Cure “Reflections” @ The Beacon Theatre NYC 11-25-11 – Moving Show, Historic!

The last time I saw The Cure was in 2008 at MSG and Radio City. The Radio City show was a night I’ll definitely remember for the rest of my life, but so was this! Let me preface this by saying that the reviews for the 2 NYC Cure Reflections shows I went to have been my biggest review undertaking so far. Since the shows themselves were extensive, my review must be too! Between both nights I took 50 videos and hundreds of photos.

The concept of Reflections was that The Cure would play their first three albums (Three Imaginary Boys, Seventeen Seconds, and Faith) in their entirety with an evolving lineup of band members throughout the show. I knew this would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so I HAD to be there! Tickets went on sale on Halloween and believe it or not, Ticketbastard did me proud! I managed to get 5th row orchestra left! I couldn’t believe it!

The show started at 8:30 and went until 11:40! They did 46 songs in all! 46!! The stamina that they have is amazing! Robert opened the show by giving a dig to the LA audience. He said something like “Well this is NYC so you guys know what’s going on – you know why we’re here, right? We’re not doing a new album like they thought in LA.” The second I saw Robert walk on stage I was starstruck – and that doesn’t happen often! He looked me in the eye at the Radio City concert in 2008-  I froze! So the fangirling begun as soon as the show started.

Some of the songs really brought back some memories. College friends, hanging out and watching the “Staring at the Sea” VHS (LOVED those videos!). It was awesome!

For the complete setlist, view concertchick’s blog:  CONCERTCHICK

It was just an amazing experience to see all of these songs live – at once! Also amazing to see band members that haven’t performed with The Cure in years on that stage. You could tell who in the crowd was serious and who was just there for the hits at the end. The crowd went nuts for “A Forest” and the other hits. There was one guy at the very front of the stage waving his arms around for EVERY song. The girls who were with him were dancing like they were at a freestyle 80’s club.

Robert was very emotional during some of the songs and it was very moving. There were short breaks between each set, but I still don’t know how they did it. During “Let’s Go To Bed” in encore 3, a guy in the front invaded the stage and gave Robert a hug and a kiss on the cheek! After that Robert said “It’s been awhile since that’s happened.” I did get it on video! I also realized that Roger O’ Donnell is very pretty. He has a sort of delicate chiseled face and was standing there swinging his hair to the music like he knew it. Great concert. Great energy.

Here’s a great review of the show from the New York Times : nytimes.com

Photos & footage courtesy of: concertchick