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The Homeowner’s Advocate

Owning your own home is the American dream, but starting a new home improvement or renovation project can be intimidating. Are you hiring trustworthy people? Do you know which contractors and projects must be licensed and insured according to your state law? Are you busy and simply don’t have time to oversee each and every detail of the renovations to confirm that the work is done correctly and on time?

Whether your project is a high-end residential project or a hospitality renovation, a homeowner’s advocate is the solution to all of your renovation needs. A homeowner’s advocate understands design and development to implement commercial or private projects that surpass the expectations of the property owner. With Marcia Nease’s experience, expertise, and attention to detail, hiring her as your owner’s advocate will make your home improvement or renovation project a smooth and stress-free experience.


Why should you hire a homeowner’s advocate?

 • They are your liaison to other parties of the renovation or building process, creating unity and increasing productivity.

• It allows you, the owner, to focus your attention on other projects.

• Their expertise offers cost-effective alternatives to problems that may arise during the your renovation or design project.

 • They help you turn your design ideas for your home or rental property into a reality.

• They understand state laws regarding licenses and insurance for home improvement and renovation projects, keeping you out of legal trouble.

 • They offer creative and cost efficient solutions to structural or design problems.

Marcia Nease has worked successfully in New York City and recently gave a commanding presentation in Napa, California. She provides great advice and presents her clients with many options. She works hard to achieve the best for her customers. She can even help with some loan modifications and is a great source for good advice on refinancing.

Marcia’s first degree was in Interior Design and it shows. She recently designed this elegant and luxurious holiday gingerbread wreath for one reader of Lux or our subsidiary, The Kitchen Diaries group! KitchenDiaries This wreath is not for sale, it is a one-of-a-kind giveaway. All you have to do is leave a comment below. Say hello. Winner to be announced this week, gift to be shipped within the USA.

Marcia Nease can be reached at:

Email: marcia@rede4change.com


Website: www.rede4change.com

photos courtesy of: Marcia Nease

The winner of this gorgeous wreath is: Laurie Puckett! Congrats Laurie!