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Creations Whispered

Bringing a little beauty into the world, one creation at a time.

All jewelry creations are hand crafted and artistically created by me, Kelly Perales. On top of working a full time job I am the owner/designer of my own successful jewelry design business “Creations Whispered”. I have always been a creative person but it wasn’t until I picked up my first bead that I fell in love! My creative outlet. A moving piece of art!  I stopped purchasing the generic jewelry at the department stores and began creating my own custom pieces.

 To my surprise I began getting compliments on my creations, something I rarely got from my store bought accessories. I then decided why not share my passion with others. Create custom pieces for others to purchase. Being a thrifty person  I am always on the hunt for a great deal. And I am thrilled to share my savings with others. Offer custom pieces for less than the department stores. My creations vary from hemp to precious stones. And everything in between. I believe that you don’t have to be rich to afford to accessorize. I never had intentions to make it rich, or to even make a living off of my creations. I simply want to share something I love with you.

 I then put together a simple website and Facebook page. Through promoting my new business I was thrilled to run into so many Florida Based Businesses on Facebook trying to do the same thing I was. Getting their name out there.  I am currently based in Orlando, Fl. And am a native Floridian born and raised. I believe in supporting the guy/gal next door.

From that thought FloridaBasedBusinesses was born. A place where Florida Based Businesses can promote their business, cause, and events. As well as a place to find support from their neighbors. With the economy the way it is can we afford to send our money elsewhere? Any local business supporting is important, regardless of what state you live in. Why not start an online networking group in your home area to support local businesses and artists?

Our free gift you you this week is this beautiful pair of hand crafted earrings. Just in time to be worn and enjoyed for the holidays.

All you have to do, to be in the running is simply read and comment below on this article. What sort of jewelry and styles inspire you? I hope you enjoy my creations half as much as I enjoy creating them.




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