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Internet and Social Media Marketing- Taking The World by Storm!

 by: Kim Cass

The Internet is not just nationwide, it’s worldwide. This means that your product or service can potentially be viewed by people just about anywhere in the world, at any time if you put it out there. Compared to other forms of advertising, Internet marketing can reach a much larger number of people at a fraction of the cost. Sometimes television, print and radio ads can’t compare to a pop-up or banner ad online, or a successful, interactive website that gets high traffic volume.

Take Facebook for example- with more than 800 million active users and climbing, it’s no wonder they have become a social media giant. The US and the UK were ranked among the highest performing countries for Facebook so far, according to TheNextWeb.com. The world is getting smaller. Love it or hate it, social networking sites and the web are here to stay.

What is it about social media that has people so entranced?

Two big reasons we found: 

1. Great networking opportunities. Businesses love Facebook , Linkedin and other networking sites for many different reasons including the endless FREE advertising opportunities they offer. Businesses can reach millions at the click of a button. Before the Internet, the main avenues of advertising were radio, tv commercials, print ads in newspapers or magazines, direct mailing and word of mouth. Many of these choices can be extremely expensive. Businesses see a great alternative on places like Facebook- just “Like” their page for their latest and greatest. Plus digital ads- like in online magazines- reach more people and are less expensive than traditional print ads. It’s the wave of the future.

2. The internet allows you to be a voyeur. We are all curious about one another. The internet and sites like Facebook satisfy that curiosity. What are your old classmates doing these days? Who is married,  published a book, got a degree, or is touring the world doing public speaking?  Better yet- what sort of businesses are offering the best deals and what are our small community companies up to? Go to YouTube and watch video tutorials, music and television shows in the privacy of your own home.

The opportunities to connect with potential customers, clients, friends and loved ones is second to none.

Many of us live all over the world and social media/the Internet is a wonderful way to stay connected through photos, messages, ads, fan pages and comments. There is comfort in the shared human experience. We feel less alone in this big world. The internet is an excellent networking tool for small and large businesses. Ask expert Terry Foster, the successful owner of her own V.A. – Virtual Assistant company. “The service I  provide my clients is second to none. I like to cater to the smaller businesses who may not otherwise be able to afford an expensive marketing company or costly print/tv ads. The internet and social media levels the playing field. I am able to get the word out for my clients in a quicker, more efficient way at a fraction of the cost!” Visit Terry’s retro style website. She employs a small and efficient team of V.A.’s who offer their years of experience to businesses. While they are based out of the Tampa Bay area, Terry’s clients are nationwide. “That’s the power of the internet” Terry smiled “I am able to help clients all over the nation and we really enjoy the work we do.”

This allows the little guy to have a voice above the big corporate companies with deep pockets, as well as artists, aspiring book authors or musicians who may have otherwise gotten lost in the shuffle.  Never before was this available to the masses. Now it is. What a wonderful world we live in.

Myspace. Twitter. LinkedIn. It never ends…

There are many networking sites. Bebo, StumbleUpon, Hi5, MyLife, Friendster and the list goes on. “Some small businesses feel overwhelmed by it all” Ms. Foster commented. “That’s where my team comes in. We manage social media, websites , fan pages and more for a client. This free’s them up to focus on other areas of their business. Not to mention, a V.A. is less costly than employing an in-house secretary. We do admin work as well”  My how times have changed. What other advice can Ms. Foster give to small businesses? “Give it time. Creating a fan page and social media is a wonderful tool, but takes time to build up gradually. Show interest on other’s pages, blogs and websites. Leave comments on them. Virtual networking is wonderful, but also plan on attending a few events or join a local group from time to time, so you can meet people face to face. Be consistent and positive, offer a great product or service and you will reap the rewards.”

Do older generations “get” social media? Or is there a disconnect?

Not all of the older generations are resistant to using social media and the Internet. According to SocialMediaExaminer.com, Baby Boomers using Facebook increased by 107% in recent years.  “In my opinion, if you want to remain a viable commodity in today’s competitive business industry, you need to embrace change and have an internet presence.” Foster commented. We told you the world is getting smaller. Big Brother is watching.

Happy marketing!

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