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Life’s Fast. Eat Fresh.

Mecafresh Cafe Review

by: Kim Cass

Are you on auto pilot when you eat out? Do you go to the same places and order the same meals? Do yourself a favor and change it up a little. Mecafresh is bursting with original dishes, using fresh, global ingredients. If deep fried anything is what you are looking for, then you have come to the wrong place. But it you hunger for fresh, healthy and delicious dishes,  I have just the place for you.

Mecafresh  Cafe. It has hip, trendy atmosphere without being pretentious. They have art on the walls and a giant blackboard where foods specials and cool quotes are scrawled. It’s casual, fast, fresh food. I have been known to kick back and chat with a friend on the front patio area, with a cup of refreshing green tea or a hand made smoothie, like a Mecasplash- the Mango Daddy is a great choice. The staff is always friendly and the open concept kitchen means you can watch as your food is made fresh-to-order.

I’m a sucker for their Pad Thai Noodle dish. It’s a mix of soft, warm noodles and  creamy thai peanut sauce with a kick.  Topped off with fresh stir fried veggies, cilantro & bean sprouts. Like chicken? They’ll add it for you. Eat ‘em with chop sticks for added effect.

But today, I opted for the ½ Pressed Panini & bowl of Roasted Red Pepper and Zucchini Bisque, with a cup of Blackberry Jasmin Green tea. I chose the Veggie Panini on grilled Sour Dough bread. The grilled veggies: artichoke hearts, red onion, roasted red pepper , olive tapende and melted mozzarella were layered between a fresh pesto sauce.   They somehow grill their bread just right, to a light, crunchy perfection. The bisque was creamy, with a kick, perfect for dipping the sandwich in. It’s pure bliss, and before you know it, your plate is empty.

The kid’s menu is an affordable $5.50 per entree and comes with a side of fresh fruit and a drink.  They have Pizza Panini and Kid’s Quesadillas to name a couple. For your sweet tooth, they sell fresh, large artisan cookies for .75 cents or thick, triple chocolate brownies the size of my child’s head. You heard me right. I’d love for you to see the menu (click on the website below) because I can’t possibly cover all that they have & the menu is different from the same old standard fare.  Yet the dishes are so delicious and appealing. Don’t live close to a Mecafresh? Perhaps a glance at the eclectic menu will inspire you to try to create one of their dishes in your own kitchen.

Chefs Robert Stea and Louis Venne founded Mecafresh in 2000, both regionally known for their culinary accomplishments. Thanks boys.

By the way- catering is also offered here.

Three Current Locations:

Palm Harbor, FL

Stuart, FL

Evanston, IL

Have a gander at their menu:

Website: www.mecafresh.com

Eat Fresh!