Awakening In The Deep End- Jeff Main’s Kickstarter Project

By now, you have read The Deep End of The Ocean, my story about Jeff Main, here in Lux Magazine. If you have not, you should. It’s an amazing life story about a man who through tragic and sometimes insurmountable circumstances has had the tenacity to maintain an unshakable and sometimes inhuman positive attitude. Having been disabled as a child, struck by lightning in 2002, and in a major automobile accident which has permanently disfigured him, he continues to work toward a goal of making the world a better place.

His book and accompanying video will be geared toward anyone you has suffered unfortunate events in their lives and are looking for hope. Of all of the articles I have written, this one got the most heartfelt attention and really struck a cord with people. We were surprised by the positive responses we got.

Once you get to know this inspiring man, you will see why. Being the eternal optimist and giving soul that he is, Jeff has started a Kickstarter Project to help fund his upcoming book and also the Foundation he hopes to start, for people with severe facial injuries. This video link below says it all. Please click and watch. If you can pledge even a small amount, he and his family would be eternally grateful.

 “I want to teach people to have a positive attitude in life and know they have the ability to do amazing things.” Jeff Main