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Body and Mind Enrichment – B Me

Body and Mind Enrichment is an Organic Lifestyle devoted to strengthening and nurturing your body and mind – inside and out.

Enrich your body and mind by understanding the benefits of physical and mental strength, plus the products going in your body. This is a lifestyle and commitment to yourself. It’s like putting a puzzle together – you need all the pieces!

Owner Emily Wenzel makes her own Herbal Skin Products that begin with intention and an herbal infusion oil base.  Her organic natural products come from her own garden. She composts, cares and loves all those that are a part of the natural progression of growing.
Emily is  a believer in the body, mind connection. Exercise has always been a part of her life. She also enjoys getting her hands into the soil and gardening for many reasons- from eating organically, to  learning about seasonal foods. The therapeutic benefits are exponential from exercise to feeling closer to the earth.

The herbs Emily selects are based on the product’s purpose for the skin such as an insect repellent, healing, therapeutic, moisturizer, and much more.  For example, the Therapeutic Lotion or Salve begins with an oil blend with arnica, horsetail, St. John’s Wort, Rosemary, Cayenne, and Neem herbs.  The herbal infusion sits in a sunny location for a few weeks (with a crystal or stone that resonates with it) She then shakes it up regularly to release the medicinal properties in the oil.  Then, she strains the herbs out of the oil (composting the herbs) and uses the medicinal oil to create her B Me Herbal Skin Products using raw, organic ingredients such as cocoa butter, shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil, essential oils and more.

These raw ingredients alone contain many benefits for the skin such as tightening, protecting from the environment and some UV rays, and moisturizing for the skin, face, hair and nails.  Blend all these together and your skin will thank you!  She creates new batches seasonally.  There is so much care and love in each product and batch!  There are many synthetic ingredients in products out there today.  These chemicals may be toxic to your body and mind if applied regularly causing symptoms such as headaches, skin irritation, dryness, respiratory problems and more. They may also lead to more dangerous illnesses such as cancer. Anything you apply on your skin, goes deep into your body on a cellular level.  It is important to use natural products for this purpose!  A little goes along way when using natural products!

She is gifting a lucky winner next Sunday with the lovely sachet (see below)  that includes herbal salve, her signature lip balm and a therapeutic salve.

All you have to do is comment here about what your thoughts on all natural products. What do you use? Have you ever tried natural, organic products?

Her all natural products are available at:



Chat her up on Facebook.com/pages/Body-and-Mind-Enrichment

“Enrich your body & mind with exercise, movements, positive thoughts, visions & colorful foods!”

Congrats to our Winner this Sunday! Carolyn H! She won some fabulous B Me All Natural Products! You are in for a treat! But stay tuned for more free gift giveaways every week!