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Thrifty Chic- The Thrill of the Hunt

by: Kim Cass

The words “Thrifty” and “Chic” aren’t ones you usually see together, but they went hand in hand today. Let me explain…my girlfriend Tammy and I decided to take a ride to Sunshine Thrift store in St. Petersburg, FL. They have another location in Tampa, but being at the Times building in St. Pete for work, we headed out to the nearest location on our lunch hour. I kept hearing about this store. Anyone who knows me knows I am thee self-anointed “Resale Fashionista.” Resale shopping has become a major, fashionable trend in recent years.

Tammy and I are no strangers to cute resale boutiques and consignment shops. A thrift store requires a little more digging and sleuthing than an upscale consignment boutique~ those tend to be smaller, a little more costly and higher end.

Sunshine Thrift store did not disappoint. This was almost a large, warehouse style store. They had a 50% off sale and upon stepping in, it was like a feeding frenzy of shoppers. I was in sensory overload until I got my bearings and made a plan of attach. We grabbed a cart and expertly steered our way down the isles of great clothes. My girlfriend is a whiz to shop with. I can be across a store and she will pluck out a designer outfit in my exact size and taste- toss it to me and without missing a beat, I grab it, nod and throw it in the cart. We are ninjas. Now that is talent my friends.

The other women at the Sunshine Thrift shop today were enthusiastic as they strolled next to us, eyeing the treasures we had found and nodding in approval. I mumbled “Juicy Couture and Banana Republic” to one woman who gasped at the ridiculously low price tags. I knew she wanted my finds, but I held onto them like an animal in the wild. Mama didn’t raise no fool.

I found a sweet white Banana Republic top, designer jeans, two Gap skirts, Juicy Couture velour pants, a work outfit and a Gap dress. I even found a few small purses for my little girl- the ones I picked up were brand new.

A few outfits for my daughter later and I was ready to check out. All of this was only…(wait for it)…$38. 35 Score!

There’s much more than just clothing, here. They have books, toys, shoes, furniture and kitchen ware. They have over 4,000 different items and it’s always changing. All of their stores work with local charities for donations. Sunshine Thrift Stores is a Florida based for-profit corporation formed in 1982 to assist local charitable organizations with their fundraising efforts. Items that are not sold are even recycled!

I’d love for everyone to realize that thrift or resale shopping can be done most anywhere, there are stores like this all over. Resale shopping is so very earth-friendly, you are giving back! Thrift stores assist charitable causes all over the nation. Every metropolis in the USA has a thrift store providing needed clothing and employment to the community, all while assisting local charities.

Banana Republic top: note the price tag. $2.45 Take 50% off of that.

I urge you to find a thrift store by you and either donate, or buy from them. You are helping your local economy while you save money. A win-win all the way around.

Gap dress (a Tammy find for me)

Adorable blouse for the office

Sunshine Thrift Store: Great Stuff. Great Prices.

 Sunshine Thrift Stores have two locations:

St Petersburg, FL

2808 34th St N

St Petersburg, FL 33713


Tampa, FL

4304 S. Dale Mabry Hwy

Tampa, FL 33611


photos by: Kim Cass