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Jeff Lyons~ Capturing the Beauty of a Woman

by: Kim Cass


I contemplated not even writing an article at all here, but instead just posting the photos. I believe the art speaks for itself. The visuals are all you really need.

I love art in different mediums. Once in a while I spot an artist who’s style captures a certain beauty and essence. I first saw this painting online. The woman’s eyes were sultry and beautiful, yet whimsical and playful. I wanted to find out who had painted her. The artist? Jeff Lyons. Jeff is a Calgary, Canada self-taught, visual artist and portrait painter. The series? His “girlfriends” series of playful art. Each one named after a different woman. Each one capturing her unique essence.

According to Jeff’s website, “Inspired by women, he began painting female portraiture. An art series evolved, which later became known as the “girlfriends series”. His main goal was to create alluring female imagery that attracted and interacted with the viewer. The women are manifestations of individual beauty and persona. Each one loves you back.”

After looking over his website, I saw that he is able to paint in different styles. His earliest paintings were realism and impressionism. Jeff has painted in oil, acrylic, oil pastel, pencil and ink and pencil crayon mediums. I admired the “clean” look of his artistic style.

I realize that art lies in each individual’s different tastes. I shared some of his “girlfriends” series art with my own girlfriends and we were all in agreement that he does a great job capturing a woman’s beauty.


Jeff takes commissions for custom portrait oil paintings of women, men and children. He likes to portray people using fun, attractive, positive and whimsical perspectives.


Have a look at his website (see link below) and get to know what he is about. Look over his other works and think about ordering a poster print, they are reasonably priced and the holidays are coming up.


Purchasing, wholesale inquiries, contact:

“The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection” ~Michelangelo