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by: The Nosh
Pssst….calling all you “foodies!” Do you like to watch the food channels? Barefoot Contessa? Rachael Ray? Diners, Drive In’s and Dives? We know you’re out there! Tell us what your favorite recipe is that you have made.  Doesn’t have to be a “famous” tv recipe, a family one is perfect! We want your stories that go with the dish! Does your recipe hold nostalgic memories? Or what origin is the dish from? Share it with us to possibly be included in our cookbook that’s coming out in 2012-
The Kitchen Diaries ~ What’s On Your Plate?
Jan. 1, 2012 is the deadline for recipes. You’ll be credited for yours. Email recipe submissions to: LuxMagazine@yahoo.com  Join our facebook group listed below. Read the following for our guidelines. It’s easy as pie! (bad pun?)
We are taking submissions for:
dinners/plus lighter fare
desserts/plus lighter desserts
Artisan dishes, comfort foods, ethnic foods from different countries. The only two things we aren’t looking for is deep fried foods (we try to be moderately healthy) or bizarre meat dishes, like elk or snake. Yuk!
Luscious entrees, decadent desserts, bring it on! Cafes and restaurants are welcome to share a signature dish and we will credit your establishment, and link to your site. Have a family recipe to share? Go right ahead. Extra points for dishes with lots of fresh veggies, lean proteins and whole grains.By submitting your recipe, you agree and acknowledge that you won’t receive compensation in connection with the submission whether it is included in the publication or not.
Give us a few days to get back to you if you email us because we sometimes get busy, but we do love you and we will get back to you. Recipes will be decided on in the coming months, right now we are compiling them for our chef to make in the test kitchen! Ooo la la! Nice job to have!
LuxMagazine@yahoo.com. Join us!

Ok. We’ll wait….