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Calling All Foodies:  We Just Signed on to Have a Cookbook “The Kitchen Diaries” Published in 2012! Want to Help?


Our wonderful cookbook, The Kitchen Diaries~ What’s On Your Plate?, is scheduled to be out spring/summer 2012. Yay us! There will be an ebook version & a hard cover version available on Amazon and our website: www.kitchen-diaries.com. We’ll be open to wonderful recipe suggestions in the coming months from all over the globe, from different cultures! Have a favorite recipe you love? We want your stories that go with the dish! Does your recipe hold nostalgic memories? Or what origin is the dish from? You are welcome to share with us and you may get it published! Send us your name, the state or country you are from.  If you are a chef, restaurant or cafe owner and want to share a signature dish, we will credit your establishment & provide a link if we choose one of your recipes to publish.

By submitting your recipe, you agree and acknowledge that you won’t receive compensation in connection with the submission whether it is included in the publication or not.

Deadline: Jan. 1, 2012

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Here’s the recipe submission guidelines kids:

We strive to be somewhat healthy (not always!) so we aren’t looking for deep fried fare. Yes, creamy dishes are fine, heavenly desserts are fine too. We are looking for dishes that are delicious and slightly different from the norm.

Artisan dishes, healthy dishes, ethnic dishes, and comfort foods are all wonderful. We do want to take recipes from different cultures, all we ask is that the ingredients be something that can be easily found. We love dishes that include fresh fruits and veggies, lean proteins and whole grains, to give you an idea. No bizarre animal flesh dishes please~ save the deep fried Elk recipe for another time. The recipes need not be overly complicated because we have cooks at all different talent levels.

If you know about wine, all the better. We love to hear which wines or drinks go best with your dish!


Recipes will go through the board, one person will collect them, one will actually go over them and make them in the test kitchen before we decide if it will be included in the book. Not all recipes will be published due to page count.

 Here are the sections:



Dinners/ plus Lighter Fare

Side Dishes


Desserts/ plus Lighter Desserts



 This is meant to be a fun, uplifting and inspiring project!

We shall see our efforts come to fruition in 2012. If you have a professional quality photo or photos, you can send them. We use Macs, so either send as a .doc attachment or type the recipe right into the body of the email. We get busy at our offices, so please don’t fret if we don’t email you back right away. We still love you and we will respond!

Questions or Recipes can be submitted to: luxmagazine@yahoo.com

*Please note that final recipe choices will be decided in the coming months*

Now if you’ll excuse us, we are very hungry.

Love, Kim, Alisa and the Lux Kitchen Staff