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More Bad Movies I Love

by: Robb Rhone

Hi Kids!  I used to watch a lot of films with my parents. With Pop, it was action flicks. With Mama, musicals. In other words, if something is getting blown up or there’s tap dancing, I’m good. This may explain the following embarrassing entries into…More Bad Movies I Love.

“Mortal Kombat” and “Mortal Kombat: Annihilation”

No, I never played the video game…but something about techno music combined with martial arts makes my cheeks flush and turns me into a crazed steroid pumped tough guy (at least in my own mind). Every time I watch these masterpieces (they totally are compared to “The Teenage Mutant Turtles” films) something happens to me. I want to attack the nearest person, animal, plant, rock, etc. Is that wrong? Stupid, yes…but wrong?

Grease 2”

This motion picture didn’t stand a chance after its predecessor, “Grease” (1978) one of the most beloved and successful movie musicals ever. Who ever heard of a sequel to a musical? Still, I often take a trip back to Rydell High. Hey Frenchie’s still there and we HEART Frenchie!! The teachers are mostly the same. Maxwell Caulfield as Michael is prettier than most of the new pink ladies – but HE CAN NOT SING. “Cool Rider” as done by Stephanie,  portrayed by the fabulous Michelle Pfeiffer is fantastically awesome and shoulda been a top 40 hit.

As for the other songs, numbers, scenes, acting (I could go on and on) characters, story line and plot twists (I told you so) let’s not go there. The director, Patricia Birch’s vision? Beats the hell outta me, but there was some reefer on set, for sure. The fantasy sequences are so tripped out and poorly executed you can almost see the mowee wowee smoke cloud the lens. What would Sandy think? Forgive the cliché, but “Grease 2” is really so awful it’s …uhh…good? Just never ever (no never child) compare it to “Grease”.

Well. That’s that! Because sometimes you’re just not in the mood for “the Godfather” or “The Sound of Music”. Gee. What would my parents think? They raised me better than that.

See you in the funny papers,