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HOT for Fall: Equestrian Style Boots

by: Kim Cass

You don’t have to be a professional horse rider to wear these deliciously classy Equestrian style boots this fall. Equestrian style boots have been trending for a while, but they really come back in the colder weather. The style is sophisticated and classy, and can easily be worn by different age groups. Channel your inner English riding girl with this style. These boots should be worn with tighter, form fitting jeans or slacks, allowing the the boot to cover the calf, or slightly above. But these boots also look great with long skirts.

Choose between black or brown. And the cost? You can spend anywhere from $20 for a pair of pleather boots to thousands for a pair of true leather riding boots, and everything in between. Chances are, major department stores will carry them as the weather gets colder. If you can’t find any, jump online and do a search for retailers in your area, or order online!

For accessories, most anything preppy works. A plaid scarf looks good with an equestrian ensemble. These little touches work for any budget. Or try a fitted red blazer with a white collared shirt to complete the look. But wear what feels right to you, that fits your body type.

Bundle up ladies. The colder weather is coming.

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