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“Give a Girl the Right Shoes and She Can Conquer the World” ~ Marilyn Monroe

by: Kellie ~ The Shoe Diva

My name is Kellie & I’m a Shoeaholic (this is where you say “Hello Kellie”) and because you are here with me, this too means you are also a shoeaholic. Now I’m supposed to tell you my story.  I have a mad love for beautiful shoes like most women, but while many women may have a closet full, my friends all think of me when they see shoe related items, donate shoes to me when I can’t buy my own &  I was even featured in a news segment about my shoes.  They know I am truly addicted & I really have no desire to seek help.  When I was a teenager, we didn’t have much, I literally wore the same pair of shoes from my sophomore year in high school until my senior year, because my feet stopped growing.  Of all the things I learned during that time, a beautiful, comfortable pair of shoes is extremely important.  That’s how my business was born.

I am the owner of a company called Sexy Bags & Shoes.  It primarily exists via a blog, Facebook & Twitter, but I look for great looking shoes at a steal.  I have not forgotten my upbringing & just cannot bring myself to pay full price for much of what I wear.  I stalk the sales and then I strike! If it’s not on sale, it’s not for me or my fan base.  In this economy, many people are keeping their wallets close and spending less.

But looking good & feeling good shouldn’t be something that one should have to forgo.  Knowing that many people feel the same way I do, I broadcast some of the great sales that I find.  I also share funny videos, and almost anything shoe related. I end my evening with a quote from someone famous, doesn’t matter what, if the quote is good, I share it.


My products are fabulous because they are highly recognizable names, they ship quickly, come from reputable sources….Oh, and of course, they are typically on sale.! I’m not only the Shoe Sale Stalker President, I’m also a member.

Let me share with you my best two bragging rights stories: pair of Michael Kors that retailed for $195, I purchased for $19.95! A pair of DKNY Wedges that retailed for $250, I purchased for $37.  Others can tell you what they saved because of my enticing with photos and links to sales.  Since these items are on sale, they do go quickly.  For example, the shoes to the upper left of this paragraph are by designer Proenza Schouler, they retailed for $895, at the time of this writing, they were on sale for $182.50.  Some lucky size 10 is going to get these shoes for 80% off!

I’m not necessarily a trend watcher because I like to live in the fantasy world that says I create my own trends.  However, many people want to know the latest trends. Why not add your own flare and make it your own? As the fall weather cools and boots are breaking out of closets everywhere.

Here’s what’s changed from last season:

  • Boots are now back at or under the knee.  Last season we saw tons of over the knee & thigh high boots, that’s not to say you won’t still see those (I’ll still be rocking mine) but the trend is a little more texture (faux fur is hot this season….no pun intended).
  • Lots of animal prints and bold colors. The platform however, is going NOWHERE!  Thank goodness, they allow you to go to towering heights & still feel all comfy, cozy.
  • Color blocking is hot this season as well.  Even in shoes, you will find that the designers have found a way to incorporate this look.

I welcome you to visit me on Facebook, Twitter as well as my blog where I invite you to share your fabulous shoes, handbags and stories of how you saved on something wonderful and just become a part of the “support group”.  As your sponsor, it is my job to help you along as we journey as shoe addicts together!   Now I must go, there’s shopping to be done.

Kellie ~ The Shoe Diva