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Caring for Your Body and Mind

by: Emily Wenzel of B Me, Body and Mind Enrichment

I view the body and mind relationship much like most people do with their car.  For many, our car, like the body, is our major form of transportation.  Our body is a vessel we live in everyday, taking us from one place to another or just being in the present.  It’s important to clean out your car regularly from day to day use.  Similarly, ‘cleanse’ your mind and body through exercise, spending time with friends and family, laughing, dancing, or having fun just to name a few!  Depending upon the usage, this may include a little deeper cleanse from time to time such as a car detail.  A  more thorough cleaning may be a massage, mini vacation, haircut, eating healthy foods, or taking a day off.


Then, the oil change.  Rejuvenating! This will vary with use but an extremely important part of owning a vehicle.  If neglectful in rejuvenating, the oil will run dry and parts (your organs) will work less efficiently, inside and out.  Occasionally, we also need to clean out the filter.  If only it were that easy inside!  We are faced with many challenges such as our own mind, work, maybe certain people and environmental toxins.  However, we also have the opportunity to see and breath incredible beauty from mountains, oceans, land, and Mother Earth.  Or goal is to see the glass half full and filter out any negativity.  There are many ways to rejuvenate.  Examples range from acupuncture, chiropractic’s, massage, vitamins and minerals, herbs, healthy foods, vacation, relaxing and much more.

Eventually, the tune up.  This is where you dig deeper.  Some may get blood work, or take a vacation, set new goals, change careers, begin new classes / courses and more.  This is a fun and exciting time.  You should hopefully feel energized much like your car does after getting that much needed attention, making it run efficient and smooth.


On the flip side, when something goes awry often times we panic or ignore.  You car may start with a little noise or make an unusual sound. Do you ignore it, drive the car but pay closer attention, and/or call for backup (take it somewhere!)?  Do you listen closely to your body?  Those noises (or feelings) is something on the inside trying to get your attention!  If you pay very close attention, you may be able to figure out where this sound is coming from and know the best way to go about fixing it.  If the signals are being ignored, the result may be lead to disaster or you might be stranded with a car that no longer functions.  When your vessel is functioning optimally, life is good!

Get regular tune ups and oil changes! Take care of your body and mind, inside out!

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