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I Paint, Therefore I Am ~ The Linda Dalziel Effect

by: Kim Cass

When I see an artist that inspires me, it makes me endlessly happy. Whether it’s oil paintings, sculptures, water colors, music, or any creative medium. Even a hand painted piece of furniture can be unique and beautiful. Music is an art form close to my heart as well. Music speaks to the soul. Linda Dalziel is a professional singer/song writer who’s shared the stage with some of the greats: Tears for Fears, Al Jarreau, Berlin, Boz Scaggs and more. Her client list includes: Client list includes: Prince, David Foster, Al Jarreau, Nelson Mandella, Cyndi Lauper and Teri Nunn.


But she is also a painter. What caught my eye was her colorful paintings. She’s an avid animal advocate and that speaks volumes. (We love animals, kudos to Linda!) She donates the proceeds of her “Art for My Animals” paintings toward supporting and caring for the animals she rescues who were all on death row. When I find an artist I like, I share with as many people as I can. I think there’s so much talent out there and we all need to support one another. Every painting in this article is one of Linda’s originals.


I recently ordered one of  Linda’s paintings myself.  A close friend of mine commissioned Linda to paint a portrait of her beloved dog who had passed. The result was breathtaking. It’s an almost life-like portrait that Linda painted from a photograph. Below is a photo of the lovely Linda with the Beau painting, my friend’s dog who’s no longer with us. You can commission Linda to do an animal portrait of your pet.

 This is the painting I ordered for my daughter, the horse lover.

As for me, I have picked up and put down my paintbrushes more times than I can count in my life. Traded sculpting for watercolors and sewing for designing and sketching. Taking a mere idea or thought and merging it into something real and tangible is a beautiful thing my friends. Art is LIFE.


I’m inspired me to dust off my paintbrushes once again. We’ll call it “Linda Dalziel effect” and it’s catching. For those who aren’t artists, it may not make sense. But for those of us in creative fields, creating art is simply something we must do. It almost becomes habitual and soothing.


Everyone has their “thing”. We live in a crazy, uncertain world, so find your passion and enjoy it. Is it writing? Cooking? Maybe it’s horseback riding or sports, photography, singing, or volunteering. Just find it and do it. Don’t give a thought to what others think.


I think if more people slowed down and found their passion, maybe there would be less drug and alcohol abuse as a form of self-soothing. That’s just my two cents. Find your bliss and follow it. You can email Linda at: artformyanimals@aol.com

Or you can find Linda on: