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Quick & Easy Rice 101 Tips

By: Chef Richard

Ok everyone, it seems that there’s a lot of people who can’t seem to get rice down, so I thought I would add a quick easy way to do rice! Do not be afraid. Rice is your friend.

1 cup Basmati Rice

2 cups Seasoned Liquid (You can use salted water, stock, saffron, coconut milk, etc)

2 tbsp grape seed oil

2 bay leaves

1 Heavy Pot – with a tight fitting lid

Add the oil to the pot and let it warm up on high heat. Add the rice and mix until evenly coated. Let the rice toast for 30 seconds on high. Crinkle up and add your bay leaves and stir rice once more. Add liquid and let come to a boil. Put top on the pot and take off heat. Let set for 25 minutes  WITHOUT removing the lid. Are you taking notes?


Remove the lid after time is up, fluff the rice with a fork or spoon. Remove the bay leaves. Serve with desired dish and enjoy! See? Now was that so hard?