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The Journey – A Balancing Act

by: Author Hanna Elizabeth

Sometimes when life seems to be going along just fine, you suddenly find yourself on your ass. I don’t know why this happens, or maybe I do… maybe it’s a balance of good and bad. When life seems really good, you have a bad moment to balance it out – to make you appreciate just how good that good moment was. And maybe you’ll look back and decide that the bad times weren’t all that bad in comparison to other bad times you’ve had in the past. For that matter, maybe the good wasn’t either.

 So, maybe life is a balance of opposites. Maybe it’s the silence in between. Perhaps it is all about the journey, or about how you handle the good and the bad things in life.


If you rage against the bad, while forgetting that it’s part of this great balance, maybe that’s just as bad as being bad. Maybe acknowledging only the good things in life is equally as bad, because then you are blind to the balance that is life.

So, perhaps it’s this great balancing act… not so hard if you understand that intention is the key. Not so hard if you also understand that good and bad are to be balanced and will always remain in balance whether you fight it or not.


Not to say that bad things or bad people don’t seem to tip the scales in their favor every once in a while. But just like riding a bike, if you tip it too far to one side, it will fall over – you will create your own downfall.

 If, however, you keep it in the middle, somewhere between good and bad, between left and right, between right and wrong, then perhaps you’ll have a lovely ride and get to enjoy the actual journey.

photo of Author Hanna Elizabeth