Emily Bakes: Autumn Sugar Cookies

by: Emily, age 10

Hello. Mama said I could share my tips on decorating my favorite sugar cookies. I also think she should let me use the oven all by myself, but she said “no”. Sometimes she is bossy. Anyway, every Fall I make pretty sugar cookies and cut them out with my special cookie cutters. These are easy and fun for kids to make. I make semi-homemade sugar cookies. Mama buys a dry sugar cookie mix for me and I add the eggs and butter all by myself.

Here’s me, about to mix my dough. I like to hum when I mix.

 I mix it and it looks like this when I am done. You don’t want it too wet or mushy so you can cut them out of the dough ok?

I sprinkle flour on the counter top and then I roll the dough….

Now I cut out the cookies with my pretty cookie cutters, like this:

Bake, bake, bake according to the instructions on the sugar cookie recipe. I’m not allowed to heat the oven yet, an adult does it. Maybe next year. I got this yummy whipped cream cheese frosting to put on the tops of my cookies after they have cooled.

I like to eat it right out of the container with my fingers.

Mama say’s “don’t make a mess Emmy” but I just roll my eyes at her. I got all of these cool sprinkles to add to my cookies. How fun are these?

Now is the fun part! After the cookies have cooled, spread the frosting all over them!

Yay! Now for the last step: decorate your cookies with sprinkles.

Different Autumn sprinkles to choose from.

These are fun and easy for kids.

Thank you for reading my sugar cookie recipe. I have other yummy, kid-friendly recipes that I’ll be publishing here occasionally, as long as my homework is done.

Love, Emily