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The Lowdown: Buy Your Own Bachelor Auction

By: Mo Ogilive

 The B.Y.O.B. Auction was a HUGE success!

Held at McCurdy’s Comedy Club in Sarasota, the crowd was definitely in a fun mood.  The proceeds of this Second, Annual Bachelor Auction went to benefit cancer research. Mixing and mingling with the handsome bachelors and the organizers put everyone in a relaxed frame of mind, ready to enjoy the fun of the auction!

The staff of McCurdy’s was gracious and helpful – even going so far as to wear pink bras over their shirts (yes, guys too).  Everyone was full of anticipation for the big event.

Just around 7 p.m., the bachelors were summoned backstage– time to begin.  Cliff Roles and Walt Willey– of All My Children fame- started by introducing the two organizers, Sarah Wakefield and Amy Tuten who thanked all the wonderful sponsors and gave credit to their teams.  This was definitely an event that took a lot of teamwork to pull off.

 Now, what everyone has been waiting for – a parade of the handsome bachelors down the runway! We’d have one last look before the bidding would begin.  Cliff Roles and Walt Willey, each with microphone in hand, began by connecting with the audience and building up the event.

One at a time, bachelors came forward and bidding started.  Egged on by Cliff and Walt, the bids rose and so did the excitement.  The bachelors got into the spirit of things quickly, some removing shirts, or loosening buttons, removing jackets, dancing or even showing comical “underwear”.

One bachelor couldn’t be there in person due a family celebration trip to celebrate his mother’s completion of chemo, but bidding for him went exceedingly well!

Cliff is an excellent emcee and auctioneer, prompting Walt to ask why Cliff was getting higher bids.  Walt then really got into the spirit of things by working the crowd, offering kisses, hugs and sitting on women’s laps to entice higher bids. He really got women competing against other bidders. Can you blame them?

 Special thanks to all of the bachelors, in order of appearance (I believe) Sonny;  R.B.;  Rich;  Tim;  Ryan H;  FrankCharles;  Mike (who couldn’t be present but was filmed);  Jason;  Justin R; and his brother Bryan;  John;  Ryan S;  and Brad.

 Not to be outdone, Walt put himself on the auction block with a date package. Not one to be left out of, Les made the package a double date with him and Walt. Now there’s a package deal!

Walt Willey, best known for his acting, will also be a headliner as a comedian at McCurdy’s this Friday.  If he is half as funny as he was for the Bachelor Auction, it will be a blast.

Just from the auction of the bachelors, over $15,000 was raised – twice what they made last year.  BRAVO! The winner of the 50/50 donated her portion back to the fund raising– classy!

It was an absolutely fantastic evening and I’m sure all of the dates will be just as great.  Congratulations to all of the winners and organizers.  Job well done!

Some of the pictures of the event will be posted to my Face Book page but all of them, (plus those from the Show-Off event) will be in a gallery on my website. (just page down until you see BYOB)    www.Mo2vatedMedia.com 

Profit from pictures purchased will be donated to the American Cancer Society fight against Breast Cancer.  9/10/11 was the tenth anniversary of my own breast cancer surgery.

 Anyone who schedules a Portrait shoot or Beach Portrait and mentions this article – a portion of those profits will also be donated for the cause.

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