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Who says there’s anything wrong with being a little thrifty in this tight economy? We can all benefit by saving here and there. (yes, even you!) No matter what level of income you are at, most of us could use a little extra breathing room financially. Many are struggling to make ends meet. Here are six money saving tips to start you fall season off the right way!

1. Groceries: Plan ahead. Have a list of what you need and stick to it. Look for sale items and clip coupons. Stock up on bulk items that can go a long way. Rice and beans are a great example.

2. Cut the hidden expenses: Those five dollar latte’s from Starbucks that you buy add up. Make your own coffee at home and take it with you. Eating out daily for lunch will kill your budget and add inches to your waistline. Bring your own lunch to work. Brown bag it!

3. Shop resale: Want to wear designer clothes but can’t afford the cost? Look for high-end resale boutiques or consignment shops. You are helping the earth by buying gently used clothes and saving money at the same time. The same applies to appliances and even furniture. Have a look on Craigslist! You’d be surprised.

4. Look for ways to make extra money on the side: Freelance your talents. What are you good at? Landscaping? Writing? Fixing cars? Babysitting? Earn a little extra cash on the side and save it for a rainy day.

5. Lower your bills: Do you really need that full cable package? Stick to basic cable for a while. Cell phones- stick to a basic package without all of the bells and whistles. Turn things off when you aren’t in the room. Turn off fans and lights. You get what we mean. Save on water. Do you really need to leave the faucet running continuously when you brush you teeth? Eh. Probably not. Try a three minute shower vs a ten minute shower (this one I need to work on) Do laundry once a week vs daily. Washers and dryers are a huge electric and water expense.

6. Pay with cash, not credit. You feel the burn when you hand over cash. Credit cards only increase your debt load. Be smart.

Stick to some of these tips and you’ll soon find yourself with a little extra money coming in and less going out. Now if you’ll excuse me, I am off to brew my own pot of coffee.